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Reiki Pillows potential comes from within… you!

A Bespoke pillow insert where Universal unconditional loving energies are sent daily 24/7/365 over time, distance, and space.

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Reiki Pillows 

Firstly I am. I am also a wife, Mother and Grandmother.

I have been guided into learning many “Healing modalities” over the years, and concider myself to be an “energy light worker” at core. I work with and under the guidance of the Universe and it’s vibration of  unconditional love and light. Always have and always will.

I am a professional Reiki therapist/practitioner, but have been guided into a “Reiki Pillows™” path since 2002. This commitment to bring this “gift” into this world I fulfill with dedication, passion and a total belief. Guiding individuals into a connection to their own “Divine Spark of Creation” and all that can evolve from within that space.


“Distant Healing, prayer and intention, can be sent over time distance and space”...


Science and many great minds now validate this statement, and recognise the varied benefits of using them, it is not my job to convince you of anything. I come from a place of intuition and knowing…

I believe Reiki Pillows™ are beneficial not only because of the daily refreshed link of Universal energies made available to all who seek it, but also that it is accessible within the home.


The Reiki Pillows journey starts here… with choice, awareness and patience.

They are a Unique, bespoke, personal gift of love, and this can not be rushed or manufactured.


The “INSERT” is the vehicle that enables the connection to Universal energies.

Opening up a connection to the many who could not themselves access this complementary therapy, when they seek it most.


We all need a little personal TLC, inconvenienced in the depths of the night with flu, headaches or more defined illnesses.


A Reiki Pillow helps boost your own internal defences, and is always by your side.


A constant in an ever changing world…


Thinking of you … Mary, Reiki Pillows™


Things you WON'T have to do if you buy a Reiki Pillow


Worry about random bouts of feeling stressed and anxious


Waste time fitting in appointments at inconvienient times of the day or night


Double check bus/train/car availability


Dread the aches and pains of long journeys


Anticipate sleepless nights in strange suroundings


Doubt yourself and your instincts


Miss seeing the bigger picture


Fear the day when it will all become just too much 


Never search for that perfect gift of love again


Things you WILL have the POTENTIAL to do if you buy a Reiki Pillow

Recognise your own intuition

Be open to gentle but stimulating insights

Know when you do your best

Start  accepting yourself  

Discover constant new points of reference in an ever changing world

Accept the invitation of an open inquiring mind

Gradually monitor and be accountable for your thoughts

Cultivate your mind, thoughts and deeds to align

Concede  that you can’t give what you have not got


Reiki Pillow INSERT?

A Reiki Pillows INSERT...

Every Insert is sold individually. All Reiki Pillows Inserts are filled with fibre. They measure 13″ x 13″and weigh 180-140gms. They are also especially made for Reiki Pillows™


They consists of...

Each and every insert represents the Heart and Soul of the Reiki Pillows concept. It is the vehicle that carries the connection to Universal Energies of the vibration of love and your own Divine spark of creation…


Original concept...

I individually Bless/Attune and stamp each insert with my unique design, before placing it on a continuum of a crystal grid. So symbolising their status as a vehicle for the Universal energies.


Delivered with passion, dedication to potential...

the connection is refreshed daily, and has been done so consistently since 2002, 24/7/365

Consistent pricing...

1 hour energy session=£35

1 hour energy session “distant healing”=£35

24/7/365 energy connection

via a Reiki Pillows INSERT=£35



Conscious choices...

Here at Reiki Pillows we are all about conscious choices.

A) choose to buy from our accompanying range of Reiki Pillows covers.

B) Search for  12″x 12″ pillow covers on the internet.

C) Make your own, or find someone who could make one for you.

A simple envelope design...

Here we offer a simple Cosmic cover, to keep your Reiki Pillows insert clean and well presented. It fits the Reiki Pillows INSERT  in a full and comfortable way, keeping it’s volume longer.

3 bespoke pillow covers...

Here we make available an array of 3  bespoke embroidered pillow covers. These may appeal to you if you are looking for something that says “Universal” in a unique but sensitive way, the way only a Reiki Pillow knows how…


No 1) the Japanese Reiki Kanji...

Translation :

Rei– Divine, spirit or miraculous.

and Ki – vital energy,breath of life and consciousness.

Namaste is a Sanskrit wordplaced on the back, it is used as a heartfelt greeting. It is placed as to honour the place where your Divine spark of creation is in alignment with mine, for the Highest Will and Good of All…

An embroidered heart...

No 2) Has a simple and ornate Heart. The Heart being aligned to unconditional LOVE, of self and of others. Love is the vibration of the Universe…


Where thoughts and deeds and dreams align...

No 3) Displays this brief message of intent,  where the individual can focus on the Highest Will and Good of All, through their own  consciousness. All covers have button fastening on back.

What you get…

An original Reiki Pillows INSERT, identifiable by the unique stamp placed on each and everyone. Signifying that it is blessed/attuned to these natural life enhancing energies by myself G. Mary Dankowych

A continuous flow of loving energies that are available to you via your simple Reiki Pillow Insert, 24/7/365 days a year.

Your personal and core gifts that you have to offer this world are enhanced by your divine spark of creation. For you to manifest with the aid of a humble Reiki Pillow.

I Believe that it is your birth right as a child of a loving Universe, to be connected and assisted to your full potential. For your highest will and good, the highest will and good of one and all, to be at one with the Universe and honour the connection between… 

So why buy a Reiki Pillow?


Reiki Pillows are made available to you, if and when you feel the time is “right”

I know of people who have waited years for a Reiki Pillow to become a priority for them, then end up buying multiples!

I believe in seeking a win/win,

I believe in working and walking in a two way street,

I believe in you…

I believe in me…

I believe in Reiki Pillows™

Thinking of you… Mary

Universal Energies of Love refreshed and sent Daily to your own home

24/7/365 days a year…

This all sounds great But…

Are Reiki Pillows really as good as they sound?

Yes I wholeheartedly believe so, and if you want to know more checkout some of the testimonials.

How quickly will I be able to see results?

The moment you set the intention to work with a Reiki Pillow, the Universe transpires to do it’s part…

How long will a "Reiki Pillow" last?

A Reiki Pillow Insert/Pillow is a physical product, and as such it is susceptible to wear and tare with constant use. This is a duel edge sword, as it’s great that individuals bond and use them continually, when treated with respect  their life span is of course longer. I hear individuals say they are still using their first Reiki Pillow,  others return to replace them.

For how long will the Universal energies flow?


A Reiki Pillow is continually being sent Universal energies of love. However, if it go through the washing machine by mistake the energies should not be effected. We do recommend hand washing (see above How long does a Reiki Pillow last)

I and others have noticed though, that if you have gone through a pertinent mental or physical energetic breakthrough, a Reiki Pillow can seem to loose it’s connection. It’s like it has got you to stage “B” but stage “C” may need a different vehicle? If and when this happens to me I personally burn the pillow insert ceremoniously with much gratitude.

As Individuals are free to  come back to me for advice or support anytime, I do not withhold this information. Some “Reiki” individuals dismiss that this can happen at all, I can only say what I see happening albeit rarely.

I do not want people to think this is just a ploy for more sales.



Who could benefit from a Reiki Pillow?


Those with an open mind and heart. These subtle but powerful energies work with any individual through their intention at a personal and intimate level, balancing the mind and body.

What does ‘anyone’ mean?

Anyone or anything. From the cradle to the grave as the saying goes, animals also recognise the natural energies and partake willingly. ( Obviously I am a tad biased) so anyone who has the intention to grow, to heal or to heal themselves, at a personal mental or physical level )

Can a Reiki Pillow ever be "to much" for anyone?

Love the insight when individuals seek the answer to this question.

If a Reiki Pillow is bought for a child or an aging relative say,  they are “just” a loving pillow. They only work at a loving level, the pillow reminds them of you and your loving intentions, untill individuals use their intuition and sub consiouse to work at a higher vibration for their highest will and good and the highest will and good of all.

A Reiki Pillow can never over ride free will…

So what do these ‘energies’ do?


Every individual will have their own experiences.

These can range from:
· Balancing of the mind and body,                                                                                                                                . Balancing of the male and female energies,
· Lowering stress levels,
· Promoting positive thought patterns,
· Encouraging better sleep patterns,
· Help with pain relief,
· Help with facing and managing fears and addictions.
· Overall promoting and maintaining general health care,                                                                                    . Help with more defined illnesses.


Are Reiki Pillows just a placebo?

“A beneficial effect produced by a placebo drug or treatment, which cannot be attributed to the properties of the placebo itself, and must therefore be due to the patient’s belief in that treatment.”

When people infer that Reiki Pillows are just a placebo, I say little and just smile.

It has never been my “job” to convince anyone of anything. There are much grreater interlects than me to put forward such a case. I am an intuitive, I know what I know, and know that that is enough…

A Reiki Pillow maybe a leap of faith…











I live in another town, county or even country, can they still benefit me?

YES! Due to the wonders of “Distant Healing” these energies can and are sent to other countries just as easily as to your next-door neighbour. Below are two reviews that demonstrate this perfectly, also people say they frequently take them on holidays and on long car journeys.

Penny Kidd


Reiki Pillows
2 d

 I have two of Mary’s Reiki pillows. One travels with me anywhere I go when out of the country.

They are such a calming comfort, like quiet little angels giving me a helping hand.

Felicity Addis

 9 weeks ago
I’ve purchased 2 pillows from ReikiPillows, both for relatives in Australia. Both have comforted and soothed and been treasured by the recipients. One pillow was for my husband’s nan – we originally bought the pillow for her birthday, but then decided to get her to open it early. Even though we explained it to her, it appeared that she was not feeling anything and was slightly confused by our gift. However, on the morning after her birthday at 6am (9pm here on her birthday) she told us she felt as if she received an enormous hug 🙂 from then on she took the pillow to bed each night and told us it felt like she received a hug to start each day. A week after receiving it, she woke up and had a pain in her face, she moved the pillow to the side of her face and was amazed that the pain reduced to a dull ache and then disappeared.

Do you offer a Money Back Guarantee?

“I am a one woman band, and stand behind each and every Reiki Pillow™ “INSERT” being  blessed/attuned with a certain person in mind.

It is with much respect that being such a unique and  intangible concept “it is asked of the purchaser that THEY investigate their own guidance before purchasing”. Results are totally bespoke and personal to themselves and an open mind and heart is an overriding factor in long term success. 

If you are unhappy with your Reiki Pillows™ physical “INSERT” for any reason lets talk within 7 days from the day of your  purchase. Every Reiki Pillow cover is examined and sent out as perfect, making sure your Reiki Pillows INSERT is flawlessly presented. 

An offer of communication extends through the life of your Reiki Pillow. I am a dedicated energy worker and an intuitive, working with and under Universal guidance and wisdom.

I am not a councillor per se.

If you are still not happy send it back (proof of posting required) we will refund you the individual price paid for it.

Thinking of you… Mary 


However if you are one of the numerous individuals that are perfectly happy with their investment in themselves and a Reiki Pillow please leave a review or testimonial anywhere on social media. I have said many, many times it’s feedback that keeps us going…


My Reiki Master and good friend …

“Mary is an amazing beautiful woman who creates amazing beautiful pillows. The Reiki she imparts is the most beautiful pure vibration imaginable. Mary is completely dedicated to the unique healing work she is led to do. Mary and her wonderful pillows are truly a gift to the world xxx”

Jill Thomson (Spellbound)


“Both Mary and her Reiki Pillows are unique. They are an inspirational creation from an inspirational woman. Our cat has monopolised one of the pillows, and we all know how cats only gravitate toward the correct vibes! Mary’s commitment and integrity toward her work are greatly valued and she is a true lightworker in the original spirit of the word.”

Richard Abbot
Your Way Forward, with Richard Abbot

“I have had the pleasure of using Reiki pillows during all of my classes and treatments over the past few years. My clients and students love to use them and enjoy the comfort they bring. I chose the pillows with the Reiki Kanjii on the front and these complement my Reiki practise and classes perfectly. I tend to use them just for others but once had a very profound experience when I decided to use one myself before going to sleep. During the night I had a lucid dream where a group of healers were healing me using Reiki and crystals and when I woke in the morning I was convinced it had been because I had been sleeping on one of the Reiki pillows which had made for a complete healing experience during the evening. The Reiki pillows accompany me on all my courses, retreats and during my clinical practise. I’ve found people are very drawn to them and like to use them whilst receiving Reiki. ”
Love, Sarah x
Sarah Gregg

“Reiki Drum – A Bridge between the worlds”


“I would like to say a few words about Mary and her beautiful Reiki pillows……

I have known Mary for a good number of years now through British Healers Association, Angelic Reiki, CROSS Sacred Sound and Gaiadon Heart courses and know that her Reiki pillows are energised with a beautiful high frequency of Divine Healing which she sends daily through to all the pillows she has lovingly created. I have a number of them myself…….Unicorns, St Francis, Pegasus, Mary Magdalena and Angels… just name a few.
I thank you Mary for creating these beautiful works of Art which adorn my bedroom and my workshop room and would recommend them for a beautiful unique present for someone you really care for.

Lolove Rosemary xxx ””


Reiki Pillows the gift of Love for life…


Cherry French


Reiki Pillows
I love my Reiki Pillow, it’s comforting to hug and soothing for headaches, tummy ache, arthritis or any aches and pains I experience, mental or physical! It’s like you are being given a hug even though you don’t feel it! Marys belief and commitment to her product Is inspiring and her pillows are well made and attractive. With the added connection to universal energies a Reiki Pillow for me is a “ must have”.
Hi Cherry
 I believe you receive the honoury badge of first Reiki Pillows™ Facebook review ! Fitting for someone that was among one of the first individuals to experience one, you and your mum bless her, she was always pushing me onward ❤️ Thank you very much for sharing you views with others. Thinking of you… Mary

“Mommies little helper – Reiki pillows”


This is how one lady sees my Reiki Pillows. And I can see her point … everyone seeks and needs T.L.C and we cant as Mums be everything to everyone all the time, a Reiki Pillow can certainly help out for sure!!! Well observered that lady


“Mary, this is fantastic. You must be so proud, love it! And love your pillows too – your latest for us (which will be a soon to be given birthday present) is so beautiful, it makes me smile just to know it is in the house  ”


This makes a great point here, a house is a house, a home on the other hand is a collection of energies, from the individuals who make up the family including the dog and cat. All contribute to the whole overall complex feelings that make the differance. A Reiki Pillows energy is a positive in anyones home for sure!


This is what a lady wrote among the rest of her Blog about Reiki Pillows Mary Dankowych brought along her magical Reiki pillows.

I had the most amazing experience with one of Mary’s pillows the following day. I had been feeling a little tired from the event and had an early night. I saw the Reiki pillow just before retiring and thought why not go to sleep with that tonight, let’s see if it makes a difference.

During the night I had a powerful dream where I was surrounded by healers who were giving me healing with various crystals. It was a very lucid dream and I woke up feeling revitalised and as if something had shifted within me. I can only put this down to the Reiki pillow.

Mary tells me she has had countless testimonials like this one from people who have used her pillows before. I must admit I was pretty amazed and grateful! Mary takes photos of each of her pillows made and charges them distantly on a daily basis, so they are constantly full of Reiki energy.She can be found at I use her Reiki Kanjii pillows during my classes.


Its really great when both sides of the coin gain something from a Reiki Pillow, whether you are “energy wise” or just intuitive, an interesting thing to have confirmed by such comments


 Hi Mary, you were not pushy at all. I have been using my own cushion during treatments. I place the cushion where I feel it is needed and then proceed with Angelic Energy Healing. Feedback has been very positive. I also feel that the energy in my room has been stronger and so positive for which I love and I am truly grateful to you for this. My mum loved her pillow, she doesn’t really understand Reiki or Energy healing but she loved the colours and I suggested she keep it by her bed which she is. She is still very confused …. she is divorcing my dad as he isn’t coming home at night!!! However, she is peaceful and is eating better so improvements there I do believe.


This lady is a therapist in her own right. So good to hear from other energy workers, also that once more a Reiki Pillow HELPS in most if not all cases.

“I met Mary at a workshop recently where she was displaying her Reiki pillows. Not being very open-minded that day I thought “Oh, yeh… another load of tosh…!

I looked around and then was struck by a beautiful purple cushion with an angel which really resonated with me but didn’t feel I could buy it for myself.

I decided to buy one for my husband for a Wedding Anniversary present (though I didn’t tell him anything about it as he doesn’t get involved in this sort of stuff). He was pleased to receive such an unusual gift and I noticed he was enjoying holding it whilst relaxing in the evening and especially loved the elephant design (elephants are a link in both our backgrounds).

Over the next few days there was a lovely energy between us and out of the blue some work came my way.

I wished then I had bought the angel cushion for myself and he said he would like to buy it for me as my Wedding Anniversary gift.

Mary sent me two designs with angels and I couldn’t decide which one – then I saw them in situ and got such strong vibrations that I realised I had to have them both. Once decided I then had this amazing insight that they were both significant in healing two huge losses in my life and were to change the energy around these events.

Since then I have been able to enjoy so many happy memories of those relationships and feel less weighed down by the sadness. Other interesting things have come to me since – out of the blue!


This lady’s experiances shows perfectly how a Reiki Pillow is and can be “just” a loving gift, with the potential of working of inner work if that is how you personally open up to it. You as the Reiki Pillows owner are always in charge.


Sending a Reiki pillow is to send the energy of the universe in a case that speaks to the individual person. It is a way to send comfort to someone who needs it, or good feelings for anyone. What an incredible gift to be able to give. It sits quietly, doing its work, and looking beautiful, or cheerful. A gift for the holidays, a gift for a special occasion, or a gift to say I love you. 


I LOVE this comment,  “quietly doing its work”  that’s a Reiki Pillow!


I had a kind of odd experience with my Reiki Pillow last night, don’t know if anyone has had anything similar.

I must admit to have not used it much, when I have held it I haven’t been able to feel much, and being able to give myself Reiki that is what I have usually turned to.

However last night I was drawn to take the pillow to bed with me as I was feeling a bit off and achy. I went to sleep cuddling the pillow and I had about 3 hoursish of the oddest dreams (during one I was swimming in liquid gold), I felt almost as thought the pillow had taken me on journey like a magic carpet.

I had to put it down in the end to get some normal sleep!

Think I have just discovered its power, I obviously wasn’t ready for it before!  Intuition speaks again…when you are ready, and ASK!..not before 😉<3


Got it in one, we always have to ask, we ONLY have to ask !


Celia Allen-Bullock

 4 days ago
Reiki pillows work it seems strange but I assure you they do I had mine many years and would not sleep with out mine.They are amazing.Bought for friends in USA and New Zealand they are impressed as well.So do not hesitate they are magic 😍
ReikiPillows™ (owner)

3 days ago

Thank you Celia for your insightful review of Reiki Pillows. You highlight not only that you personally continue to find value in yours, but that you rated them highly enough to give them to your loved ones. It also brings “Distant healing” into account, and the fact that Reiki Pillows are actually scattered around the world, and the concept at whatever level works. Thank you for helping spread the energy of Universal Love …
Thinking of you… Mary

Reiki Pillows a constant in an ever changing world…