Reiki Pillows are an energy based product and service. Just hugging one will help you relax and restore depleated energy levels.

They are cushion inserts/pads that are blessed and attuned to natural Universal energies. These energies are continually refreshed via Reiki and sent daily. See testimonials here http://bit.ly/1mlXu6x

This is my passion, my vocation.

If I loved to sing, my voice would be this gift,
if I were a word smith, I would bring forth a book or a poem.
A carpenter, a stone mason an artist, those with a tangible passion bring forth their gifts to the world.

Maybe… like me, you may  feel your gifts may not be so obvious.

How do you value a mother, and the gift of life?
a home maker and keeper, the gift of a warm and loving house?
a true and loyal friend? this list is of course endless…

 A Reiki Pillow is a gift, to you and me.

It is a true and loving connection with the Universe, and all it’s nurturing energies.

It’s T.L.C. It’s a loving hug. It’s a soft place to fall, a friend who’s always there for you …

This is my gift that I offer to the world and you …

I personally work with the infinate spark of creation that is perfection, and is within each and everyone of us.

It is my dream …