Potential comes from within…

So what and why a Reiki Pillow ? 🤔


                                                        Well, a “Reiki Pillow” is a pillow INSERT.

It can be called a Reiki Pillow, or a prayer pillow, a throw pillow, a cuddle cushion,

whatever you want to call it.

Whatever you call it, it is a pillow INSERT that is continually having Reiki/Universal Energies of Love sent to it

24-7-365 days a year.

Why do Mothers, Fathers, Lovers, Sisters, Brothers anyone who wears the badge of a Care-giver, protector or mentor intuitively recognize & gravitate to these loving, nurturing and natural energies?.

Because over the years Reiki Pillows have become renown for many individual traits of enhancing health of mind and body, making them a priceless gift for you the carer or for your loved ones.

You may not be able to be present every minute of every day but a Reiki Pillow can.

Reiki Pillows are a constant in an ever-changing world…

Reiki Pillows provides a daily connection to Universal Energies of love within your own home 24-7- 365 

Thinking of you… Mary





Reiki Pillows™

potential comes from within…

brief introduction… 

Did you know ?

1) …you and I are energetic beings.

2) …holistically speaking , we have 3 minds and 4 bodies:       

The three Minds are  – 1) the unconscious mind -2) the conscious mind  -3) the higher conscious mind.

The Four Bodies are – 1) the physical body: flesh and blood  –2) the emotional body: linked to the nervous system  –3) the mental body: linked to our thoughts, attitudes and judgements  –4) the spiritual body: connected to source, all that is love… 

3) …we were all born into certain life experiences that we can either grown into or shrunk away from.  These circumstances however, give us the power as individuals to re-evaluate and change ourselves everyday. 

4) …even if you have meditated for years or have only just heard that it maybe good for you… know that we were all born with the Divine Spark of Creation within us.

5) …Stress (blocked energy flows) can manifests within the physical body as  “Diss Ease”; sleepless nights to insomnia, headaches to migraines, colds, flu, viruses and also to more defined illnesses such as cancer, arthritis and diabetes.

6) …we may believe that we live our lives full of informational overload, or full of choices. Whether we know it or not, we may be on auto pilot just to get us through the day. With an awareness of our thoughts we can begin to bring unconscious thoughts into conscious choices.

7) …our minds are actually far more active when we are asleep than when we are awake.

8) …humans can only look one way at a time? We can look right or left, up or down, similarly we also only “see” the good or the bad in others… what we look for we do indeed see.

9) …if you are a male or a female you still possess the opposite energies within your energetic make up, as in masculine and feminine qualities. As individual human beings if we had the help to balance our own male and female energies just imagine the benefits.

10) …there are many ways to bring balance back into our lives and energy systems, these include walking in nature, good food, exercise, meditating, Reiki, Tai Chi, Yoga and a myriad of other complementary therapies, including a Reiki Pillow!                                                                  

Anything that nurtures our souls and lets our spirits fly…  

A Dozen things you may not know about Reiki Pillows

1) Reiki/Reiki Pillows come under the heading of a COMPLEMENTARY therapy, not an alternative therapy.

2) Complementary therapies are now being recognised/validated by science as being able to positively effect the outcomes of many health issues.

3) Crystals, colour and vibrational healing all come together within the Reiki Pillows™ concept of distant healing.

4) A Reiki Pillows  crystal grid was set up many years ago with the intention of  “The Highest Will and Good of the Individual, the Highest Will and Good of One and All, and to be Balanced and At One with God, Nature and the Universe”…

5) I personally connect every day to and through this crystal grid, with the set Intention of refreshing each and every connection to “All Reiki Pillows and to everything that has ever been given or sold with LOVE”… This is done over Time, Distance and Space.

6) Each and every Reiki Pillows ™ “INSERT” is also physically attuned to the crystal grid. It is only then stamped with the unique design.

7) When an order is requested I personally dowse from my stock of prepared Reiki Pillows™ INSERTs for the “one” destined for the recipient.

8) The covers are where the colour and designs come into play. The more the person can identify with both of these design aspects the stronger the potential bond.

9) The “INSERT” is the vehicle that carries/facilitates the connection to Universal energies of love. The “COVER” is the body that protects and keeps clean and unhindered the sacred energy “Flow” flowing…

10) This “Flow” is your connection to source, and as such nurtures/ reawakens the Divine Spark of creation that is within you… within everyone.

11) If you have meditated for years or have only just started to think about the “Something More?” a Reiki Pillows™ path is one of  “One Step at a Time”, of Tender Loving Care; it starts where you are at present and works with you in your own unique experience.

12) All you need to do is have an open mind and heart. This is why children and animals love Reiki Pillows™, they are so much nearer to their innocence and the centre of creation.

13) A Bakers Dozen… Ha ha ha !

“Reiki Pillows™ just keep on giving” is one of my favourite take aways from the many testimonials that have been generously given over the years, for which I am eternally grateful for. For I, back in 2002  was a “Doubting Thomas, a Sceptic with a capital “S”.

Thank you for spending this time here on my site. I make Reiki Pillows™ available. There is never any pressure and only you will know if or indeed when a Reiki Pillow™ is “Right” for you or your loved ones.

Welcome to the energetic world of

Reiki Pillows™

potential comes from within…

 Reiki Pillows™ are committed to the promise that through a two way street,

a personal Universal connection can be made available daily within your own home.


Reiki Pillows™ website, due to demand is now set up for sales.

I feel it is my job to bring an awareness of their existence and potential.

To inform and provide information, so you will be able to make a conscious choice.

A Reiki Pillow™ is a gift, to you and to me.

They are a true and loving connection with the Universe, and all its nurturing energies.

They are T.L.C, they are a loving hug, they are a soft place to fall, a friend who’s always there for you …

If I loved to sing, my voice would be this gift.

If I were a word smith, I would bring forth a book or a poem.

A carpenter, a stone mason, an artist, those with tangible passions bring forth their gifts to the world.

This is my gift that I offer to the world and you …

I personally work with and under the guidance of Universal energies of love, the infinite spark of creation that is perfection,

and is within each and everyone of us.

Thinking of you… Mary



 I believe is the only way forward for us and our world…

,,,I was guided back in late  2019 that 2020 was going to be all about clarity, about 20-20 vision, about the bigger picture. I never dreamed what that would look like!

The idea behind Co-creation is to work together for the Highest will and good of all, a by-product of the Reiki Pillows™ concept!


There is a tendency to living our lives on auto pilot, the pace of life and all that gets thrown at us can seem endless and often overwhelming!

Reiki Pillows™  path has always been about making  the unconscious  conscious, and from a place of  that awareness,  making conscious choices. 

I believe the Universe guides each and every one of my Beloved Reiki Pillows™. 

So Co-creating  means that…

you are joining with me and many others to bring a loving, positive, natural, innate Universal energy to yourself and those you love.

And into this world… Via a Reiki Pillows™ pillow.

There is a discounted price for a family group;  Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers, Wives, Husbands, extended family and close friends.   Pets are very often totally happy and willing recipients too!

These Reiki Pillows™ are from the same pool of all Reiki Pillows™  “INSERTs” there is no difference.
The only proviso is that they are NOT for resale.

A Co-creator on the other hand is an individual following the path of their passion.

If you have a business related to the  health care sector, and feel guided to join forces with Reiki Pillows™

you can Co-create within the Reiki Pillows concept.

An Energy background, and a calling is the only prerequisite for this process.

Here you join into the same Universal  process but within your own personal business sphere.

If you are interested to see how I opened up to and into co-creation with my Reiki Pillows™. 

You may find my journey in certificate form interesting.


Hi! I’m Mary smile

Hi, I am G. Mary Dankowych. I am a daughter, wife, mother and grandmother. 

Like the Scarlet Pimpernel, you can find me here and you can find me there, you can find me anywhere! I am on Facebook as Reiki Pillows, and Twitter as @Reiki Pillows. Google me as Reiki Pillows and I will pop up.

I may not have the time to be communicating constantly, but always there when sought.

Orczy wrote in her autobiography, Links in the Chain of Life: I have so often been asked the question: “But how did you come to think of The Scarlet Pimpernel?” And my answer has always been: “It was God’s will that I should.” And to you moderns, who perhaps do not believe as I do, I will say, “In the chain of my life, there were so many links, all of which tended towards bringing me to the fulfillment of my destiny.” D’ej’a vu Rodney

I have been making available Reiki Pillows ™ since 2002.

Here at Reiki Pillows™ we are in a constant state of flux; continually moving.

Like the Universe we are ever changing…

I believe in seeking a win-win,

I believe in working and walking in a two-way street,

I believe in you…

I believe in me…

I believe in Reiki Pillows™…  

We are here and happy to serve you in the best way we can.

Dedicated and honouring all, we strive to keep service simple.


Reiki Pillows™ has a registered Trade mark:

Dankowych Enterprises Reiki Pillows®™

It is too a long a story to tell you here and now about how the Universe negociated  me into this step but…
after many sleepless nights over this discussion, it was in October 2014 that we, the WE in this case is my husband Peter and I (Dankowych Enterprises) actually put Reiki Pillows forward for a trademark.

We did so not out of “fear” or a “Business” decision, but from a higher minded, guided choice.

It represents more of a stand point. That is why we place a ™ not a ®

It’s purpose is in honouring the same Universal Energies that works in tangent with humanity.

I have always recognised that Reiki/Universal energies and Reiki Pillows™ themselves can be seen as non-tangible to some, to say the least.

So we take the trademark to be an earthly symbol symbolising and honouring the “Something more” the Universal Energies of Love, whatever that means to you. I believe “all roads lead to Rome” and that “a rose by any other name is still a rose”

I see the ™ as a promise…

from me to you, in that what I say … I/we really do “DO”

Thinking of you … Mary Reiki Pillows™



The services we supply…

Reiki Pillows™

potential comes from within…

Reiki Pillows INSERT

Here are the Front and Reverse of the Reiki Pillows “INSERT”.

They are displayed here in their full Simplicity and Glory.

They are the heart and soul of the Reiki Pillows™

distant healing concept…

They are the vehicle, they are the carrier, they are the connection, to Universal energies.


Service #1

@Reiki Pillows

potential comes from within…

Front and Reverse of a Reiki Pillows™ “INSERT”…

Reiki Pillows INSERT

These energies are of the vibration of love, and a connection to your own Divine spark of creation…

They are the precursor to self acceptance, blooming intuition and of conscious choices.

Reiki/Universal energies are refreshed daily…

for you to access within your own home 24/7/365 days a year. 


Service #2

@Reiki Pillows™

                potential comes from within…

Standard pillow case…

Standard pillow case

This offer opens up our personal offerings of covers to you.

Here we present a simple cover, to keep the insert clean and well presented.

They are made from 100% cotton, and made with love.  It is an envelope design.

I believe they nurture the intuition from the word go!

You can obviously make your own cover or search the internet,

here at Reiki Pillows we are all about conscious choices…


Service #3

@Reiki Pillows™

                 potential comes from within…

Select pillow cases…

Potential comes from within...
Potential comes from within...

Select pillow cases  

Within this selection of covers we offer a choice of colour and eclectic designs.

They are made with love from 100% cottons, with a zip in the back.

If the back fabric differs from the front both sides will be displayed.


  Service #4

@Reiki Pillows™

               potential comes from within…

Premium pillow cases…

Premium pillow cases  

Here we make available an array of  3 bespoke covers with an embroidered design on them .

These may appeal to you if you are looking for something that says “Universal” in a unique and elegant way.

They are made with love from a cream linen fabric.

We currently supply  3 embroidered designs, which reside on the front. They have 2 shell  buttons on the back to fasten.

Again a conscious choice.


Service #5

@Reiki Pillows™

   potential comes from within…


Are you interested in Cocreation?

For information  just contact me …..





My Reiki Master and good friend …

“Mary is an amazing beautiful woman who creates amazing beautiful pillows. The Reiki she imparts is the most beautiful pure vibration imaginable. Mary is completely dedicated to the unique healing work she is led to do. Mary and her wonderful pillows are truly a gift to the world xxx”

Jill Thomson (Spellbound)


“Both Mary and her Reiki Pillows are unique. They are an inspirational creation from an inspirational woman. Our cat has monopolised one of the pillows, and we all know how cats only gravitate toward the correct vibes! Mary’s commitment and integrity toward her work are greatly valued and she is a true lightworker in the original spirit of the word.”

Richard Abbot
Your Way Forward, with Richard Abbot

“I have had the pleasure of using Reiki pillows during all of my classes and treatments over the past few years. My clients and students love to use them and enjoy the comfort they bring. I chose the pillows with the Reiki Kanjii on the front and these complement my Reiki practise and classes perfectly. I tend to use them just for others but once had a very profound experience when I decided to use one myself before going to sleep. During the night I had a lucid dream where a group of healers were healing me using Reiki and crystals and when I woke in the morning I was convinced it had been because I had been sleeping on one of the Reiki pillows which had made for a complete healing experience during the evening. The Reiki pillows accompany me on all my courses, retreats and during my clinical practise. I’ve found people are very drawn to them and like to use them whilst receiving Reiki. ”
Love, Sarah x
Sarah Gregg

“Reiki Drum – A Bridge between the worlds”


“I would like to say a few words about Mary and her beautiful Reiki pillows……

I have known Mary for a good number of years now through British Healers Association, Angelic Reiki, CROSS Sacred Sound and Gaiadon Heart courses and know that her Reiki pillows are energised with a beautiful high frequency of Divine Healing which she sends daily through to all the pillows she has lovingly created. I have a number of them myself…….Unicorns, St Francis, Pegasus, Mary Magdalena and Angels… just name a few.
I thank you Mary for creating these beautiful works of Art which adorn my bedroom and my workshop room and would recommend them for a beautiful unique present for someone you really care for.

Lolove Rosemary xxx ””

Love, Sarah x
Sarah Gregg

“Reiki Drum – A Bridge between the worlds”


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