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This cover may appeal to you if you are looking for something that says “Universal” in a unique but sensitive way, the way only a Reiki Pillows™ knows how…

This Embroidered pillow cover displays a brief message of intent, where the individual can focus on the Highest Will and Good of All, through their own  consciousness.

The wording “where thoughts and deeds and dreams align” honours the intention that we as individuals work with our mind, body and spirit in harmony.

This Reiki Pillows™ cover is a more bespoke option, that can by it’s very designs imply a more intended vision of focus.

This pillow cover is made in a fold over design with two buttons on the back, and is made from a linen mix.

Here at Reiki Pillows we are all about conscious choices…

The price of this Bespoke Reiki Pillows™ pillow cover is £25


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Japan, Align, Heart, Folded


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