Cosmic cover


This Cosmic cover is a simple envelope design, with both sides being of the same 100% cotton fabric. To help keep your Reiki Pillow™ insert clean and well presented.



Here is a simple Cosmic cover envelope design pillow case, to keep your Reiki Pillow INSERT clean and well presented.

This pillow cover is 12" x 12", and fits the Reiki Pillows™ " INSERT " in a full and comfortable way,  keeping its volume longer. 

The fabric is a digital design on 100% cotton.

We recommend that all Reiki Pillows™ covers are HAND WASHED only.


The pillow case is 12" x 12", and they fit the Reiki Pillows™ " INSERT " in a full and comfortable way, so keeping its volume longer.

They are made in a simple envelope design with the same fabric front and back.


The main benefit is that the pillow case is made especially for your Reiki Pillows™ and so is a perfect fit.

However as mentioned Reiki Pillows™ are all about conscious choices, so there is no reason why you can not make one yourself or buy one online, the choice is ALWAYS yours...


The price of this Cosmic cover is £5 each.


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