The Concept

A Reiki Pillow as in the Reiki Pillows™ “concept” is an umbrella, under which both sides of duality meet.

The “INSERT” and the Reiki Pillows COVER. The “INSERT” can be viewed as the Heart, within the body.

The Body is the cover/ skin, the fluff and puff recognised by this world.

The concept mirrors a choice.

You choose to have an energy session for a hour, or you choose to have a Reiki Pillows™ connection in your home 24/7 – 365 days a year.

My intention is to make this choice available and a worthwhile option.

Reiki Pillows™ are as much about me as I am about them, and in this vein of thought, if you really knew me, you would know these things about me, about us…

I Am what I AM… and so are my Reiki Pillows.
What you see is what you get.
We seek the win-win… always.
We work in a 2-way street.
We believe in reliability, not dependency.
We believe in self-awareness, not self-control.
When we commit, we commit.

Thinking of you … Mary, Reiki Pillows ™

My mission statement

It is my dream … to make available to all, through the concept of Reiki Pillows ™ a connection to Universal energies; a connection to unconditional LOVE, regardless of the individuals standing in society. 

The Reiki Pillows™ concept is based on love, a win-win and a 2-way street.

Love being the vibration of Universal energy, a natural and positive energy … enhancing all living things.

A win-win is attained by this unique gift that can and is, used daily by many who have already experienced their abundance. 

Add to this the fact that a Reiki Pillow™  first comes from love, is made with LOVE then purchased with Love, given with Love and received with LOVE … what more can I say?

I believe in what I do, and I believe in what can be achieved, with the gift of LOVE! 

A Reiki Pillow is the perfect gift of love … for life.

Thinking of you… Mary

Trade Mark

Reiki Pillows has a registered Trade mark: Dankowych Enterprises Reiki Pillows®™

After many sleepless nights over this decision, it was in October 2014 that we, the WE in this case is my husband Peter and I (Dankowych Enterprises) actually put Reiki Pillows forward for a trade mark.

We did so not out of “fear”, but from choice.
From more of a stand point.

Reiki/Universal energies and Reiki Pillows themselves, may seem non-tangible to some to say the least.

I see the ® ™  as a promise.  From me to you.

What I say … I really do “DO”.

Under the constant guidance of Universal energies of unconditional love

Thinking of you … Mary Reiki Pillows ™


Here at Reiki Pillows we are all about conscious choices.

You can buy your Reiki Pillows INSERT/s now or ask for information on Co-creation, by following the contact me link at the bottom of the page.

Thinking of you … Mary Reiki Pillows ™

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