Reiki Pillows™ are committed to the promise that through a two way street,

a personal Universal connection can be made available daily within your own home.

Reiki Pillows™ website, due to demand is now set up for sales.

I feel it is my job to bring an awareness of their existence and potential.

To inform and provide information, so you will be able to make a conscious choice.

A Reiki Pillow™ is a gift, to you and to me.

They are a true and loving connection with the Universe, and all its nurturing energies.

They are T.L.C, they are a loving hug, they are a soft place to fall, a friend who’s always there for you …

If I loved to sing, my voice would be this gift.

If I were a word smith, I would bring forth a book or a poem.

A carpenter, a stone mason, an artist, those with tangible passions bring forth their gifts to the world.

This is my gift that I offer to the world and you …

I personally work with and under the guidance of Universal energies of love, the infinite spark of creation that is perfection,

and is within each and everyone of us.


Thinking of you… Mary