Well, a “Reiki Pillow” is a pillow INSERT.

It can be called a Reiki Pillow, or a prayer pillow, a throw pillow, a cuddle cushion,

whatever you want to call it.

Whatever you call it, it is a pillow INSERT that is continually having Reiki/Universal Energies of Love sent to it 24-7-365 days a year.

Why do Mothers, Fathers, Lovers, Sisters, Brothers anyone who wears the badge of a Care-giver, protector or mentor intuitively recognize & gravitate to these loving, nurturing and natural energies?

Because over the years Reiki Pillows have become renown for many individual traits of enhancing health of mind and body, making them a priceless gift for you the carer or for your loved ones.

You may not be able to be present every minute of every day but a Reiki Pillow can.

Reiki Pillows are a constant in an ever-changing world…

Reiki Pillows provides a daily connection to Universal Energies of love within your own home 24-7- 365


Thinking of you… Mary