Dankowych Enterprises Reiki Pillows®™

It is too a long a story to tell you here and now about how the Universe negociated  me into this step but…

after many sleepless nights over this discussion, it was in October 2014 that we, the WE in this case is my husband Peter and I (Dankowych Enterprises) actually put Reiki Pillows forward for a trademark.

We did so not out of “fear” or a “Business” decision, but from a higher minded, guided choice.

It represents more of a stand point. That is why we place a ™ not a ®

It’s purpose is in honouring the same Universal Energies that works in tangent with humanity.

I have always recognised that Reiki/Universal energies and Reiki Pillows™ themselves can be seen as non-tangible to some, to say the least.

So we take the trademark to be an earthly symbol symbolising and honouring the “Something more” the Universal Energies of Love, whatever that means to you. I believe “all roads lead to Rome” and that “a rose by any other name is still a rose”

I see the ™ as a promise…

from me to you, in that what I say … I/we really do “DO”


Thinking of you … Mary Reiki Pillows™