There are more questions than answers, and the more I find out the less I know…

( Jonny Nash)

Below you will find the most asked questions and answers about Reiki Pillows… If other things pop up then please feel free to ask away…


So maybe you want to know what others ask me about my Reiki Pillows™

Here are a few FAQ, but if you have another question you would like answered, feel free to contact me Not only will you get to have your query answered, but chances are you also help others with the same query! Win/win

Q) How would a “Transformational” Reiki Pillow benefit me?

A)… You would benefit from a link to Universal energies. These energies flow through ALL LIVING THINGS, and so are naturally healing, enhancing your everyday life, all that within your own home!

Q) Who could benefit from a “Transformational” Reiki pillow?

A)… Simply anyone, with an open mind and heart. These subtle but powerful energies work with any individual through their intention at a personal and intimate level, balancing the mind and body.

Q) What does ‘anyone’ mean?

A)… Just that, anyone or anything. From the cradle to the grave as the saying goes, animals also recognise the natural energies and partake willingly. ( Obviously I am a tad biased, so anyone who has the intention to grow, to heal or to heal themselves, at a personal level )

Q) So what do these ‘energies’ do?

A)… Every individual will have their own experiences. These can range from:
· Balancing of the mind and body,
· Lowering stress levels,
· Promoting positive thought patterns,
· Encouraging better sleep patterns,
· Help with pain relief,
· Help with facing and managing fears and addictions.
· Overall promoting and maintaining general health care.

Q) I live in another town, county or even country, can they still benefit me?

A)… YES! Due to the wonders of “Distant Healing” these energies can and are sent to other countries just as easily as to your next-door neighbour. You can find evidence of this by the maps on my PayPal account on the testimonials page left by past and present clients.

Q) You send these energies every day, what exactly does that mean?

A)… I use Reiki and the power of intention to put these Universal Energies on a continuous pathway of love and light, for the “Highest will and good of all”. This gives constant access to these wonderful natural healing energies, that’s the Blessing of a Reiki Pillow “INSERT”.

Q) If I buy one, how long will it last …?

A)… I have been doing Reiki Pillows since 2002 and some of the people are still using the very first ones to great effect. I know this to be true due to the amount of feedback that I have received. However, it has to be said that they are also subject to a lot of use and as such will of course not always retain their physical pristine condition for ever. Though energetically they will always be subject to the daily connection of Universal energies. At the Universe’s bidding it is my intention to do this indefinitely …

Q) I see the Reiki Pillows “INSERTS” have a design on them, how is this done?

A)… The stamp designs are placed on the “INSERT” when I Bless/Attune each individual Reiki Pillows “INSERTs”. They are placed on the front and the back with the use of a stamp and acid free permanent waterproof ink. This may, over time expand/bleed into the surrounding area due to the presence of perspiration and body heat. This is limited and natural, and due to the Reiki Pillows “INSERT” being covered (recommended) there is no problem with this.

Q) I have noticed the designs of the stamps on the Reiki Pillows INSERTS differ sometimes, why is this?

A)… Reiki Pillows along with me, have travelled a long way since our conception. Way back Reiki Pillows started out as Recycled by design. Along the way many changes have become apparent within the Universe and it’s energy fields these changes have been reflected … as part of the whole, to us here on planet earth through the Reiki Pillows. The stamps reflect and honour these stages. Each and every individual Reiki Pillows “Insert” carries it’s own link, always has and I guess always will. I believe we as humans also reflect this holographic idea , when all said and done it’s our greatest gift I believe … to be an individual within this world of ours. The “better” individuals we become the more our world will benefit?

Q) Can I wash my Reiki Pillow?

A)… The energy link is to the Reiki Pillows “Inserts”, this is what is ment by our tag line… potential comes from within!

Washing the covers is not detrimental to the energy flow. It is my intention that even if the insert itself is washed this will not break the connection. Verbal feedback to me confirms this to be true, however it has to be said nothing lasts forever.