1) …you and I are energetic beings.

2) …holistically speaking , we have 3 minds and 4 bodies:       

The three Minds are  – 1) the unconscious mind -2) the conscious mind  -3) the higher conscious mind.

The Four Bodies are – 1) the physical body: flesh and blood  –2) the emotional body: linked to the nervous system  –3) the mental body: linked to our thoughts, attitudes and judgements  –4) the spiritual body: connected to source, all that is love… 

3) …we were all born into certain life experiences that we can either grown into or shrunk away from.  These circumstances however, give us the power as individuals to re-evaluate and change ourselves everyday. 

4) …even if you have meditated for years or have only just heard that it maybe good for you… know that we were all born with the Divine Spark of Creation within us.

5) …Stress (blocked energy flows) can manifests within the physical body as  “Diss Ease”; sleepless nights to insomnia, headaches to migraines, colds, flu, viruses and also to more defined illnesses such as cancer, arthritis and diabetes.

6) …we may believe that we live our lives full of informational overload, or full of choices. Whether we know it or not, we may be on auto pilot just to get us through the day. With an awareness of our thoughts we can begin to bring unconscious thoughts into conscious choices.

7) …our minds are actually far more active when we are asleep than when we are awake.

8) …humans can only look one way at a time? We can look right or left, up or down, similarly we also only “see” the good or the bad in others… what we look for we do indeed see.

9) …if you are a male or a female you still possess the opposite energies within your energetic make up, as in masculine and feminine qualities. As individual human beings if we had the help to balance our own male and female energies just imagine the benefits.

10) …there are many ways to bring balance back into our lives and energy systems, these include walking in nature, good food, exercise, meditating, Reiki, Tai Chi, Yoga and a myriad of other complementary therapies, including a Reiki Pillow!                                                                  

Anything that nurtures our souls and lets our spirits fly…