I believe is the only way forward for us and our world…


I was guided back in late  2019 that 2020 was going to be all about clarity, about 20-20 vision, about the bigger picture. I never dreamed what that would look like!

The idea behind Co-creation is to work together for the Highest will and good of all, a by-product of the Reiki Pillows™ concept!

There is a tendency to living our lives on auto pilot, the pace of life and all that gets thrown at us can seem endless and often overwhelming!

Reiki Pillows™  path has always been about making  the unconscious  conscious, and from a place of  that awareness,  making conscious choices.

I believe the Universe guides each and every one of my Beloved Reiki Pillows™.

So Co-creating  means that…

you are joining with me and many others to bring a loving, positive, natural, innate Universal energy to yourself and those you love.

And into this world… Via a Reiki Pillows™ pillow.

There is a discounted price for a family group;  Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers, Wives, Husbands, extended family and close friends.   Pets are very often totally happy and willing recipients too!

These Reiki Pillows™ are from the same pool of all Reiki Pillows™  “INSERTs” there is no difference.

The only proviso is that they are NOT for resale.


A Co-creator on the other hand is an individual following the path of their passion.


If you have a business related to the  health care sector, and feel guided to join forces with Reiki Pillows™

you can Co-create within the Reiki Pillows™ concept.

An Energy background, and a calling is the only prerequisite for this process.

Here you join into the same Universal  process but within your own personal business sphere.

If you are interested to see how I opened up to and into co-creation with my Reiki Pillows™.

You may find my journey in certificate form interesting.