1) Reiki/Reiki Pillows™ come under the heading of a COMPLEMENTARY therapy, not an alternative therapy.

2) Complementary therapies are now being recognised/validated by science as being able to positively effect the outcomes of many health issues.

3) Crystals, colour and vibrational healing all come together within the Reiki Pillows™ concept of distant healing.

4) A Reiki Pillows ™ crystal grid was set up many years ago with the intention of  “The Highest Will and Good of the Individual, the Highest Will and Good of One and All, and to be Balanced and At One with God, Nature and the Universe”…

5) I personally connect every day to and through this crystal grid, with the set Intention of refreshing each and every connection to “All Reiki Pillows™ and to everything that has ever been given or sold with LOVE”… This is done over Time, Distance and Space.

6) Each and every Reiki Pillows ™ “INSERT” is also physically attuned to the crystal grid. It is only then stamped with the unique design.

7) When an order is requested I personally dowse from my stock of prepared Reiki Pillows™ INSERTs for the “one” destined for the recipient.

8) The covers are where the colour and designs come into play. The more the person can identify with both of these design aspects the stronger the potential bond.

9) The “INSERT” is the vehicle that carries/facilitates the connection to Universal energies of love. The “COVER” is the body that protects and keeps clean and unhindered the sacred energy “Flow” flowing…

10) This “Flow” is your connection to source, and as such nurtures/ reawakens the Divine Spark of creation that is within you… within everyone.

11) If you have meditated for years or have only just started to think about the “Something More?” a Reiki Pillows™ path is one of  “One Step at a Time”, of Tender Loving Care; it starts where you are at present and works with you in your own unique experience.

12) All you need to do is have an open mind and heart. This is why children and animals love Reiki Pillows™, they are so much nearer to their innocence and the centre of creation.

13) A Bakers Dozen… Ha ha ha !

“Reiki Pillows™ just keep on giving” is one of my favourite take aways from the many testimonials that have been generously given over the years, for which I am eternally grateful for. For I, back in 2002  was a “Doubting Thomas, a Sceptic with a capital “S”.

Thank you for spending this time here on my site. I make Reiki Pillows™ available. There is never any pressure and only you will know if or indeed when a Reiki Pillow™ is “Right” for you or your loved ones.