Update Angels 365 12/10/2016

Last leg of the journey …or maybe its the start of it?

I have now got more of an idea and information about the #Angels 365 project.
Co-creation has been flowing nicely since I first started posting the daily Angels 365 picture postings in January.

When I first started out I believed that all “this” would “happen” on the day out of time “( 2016 was/is a leap year after all ) not Feb 29th … but the last day of the year Saturday, 31st December 2016.
However … I have been reliably informed that “us humans” “have very busy lives … especially around this the festive period”. 😉 and that being said and, being totally true … I wait …

So, the idea thus far … “Come to1st December 2016, it is asked that everyone place Angel pictures on any “Social Media Platform” … and Tag it as #Angels365 to give the Angels a boost with their energy foothold here on Earth 😉 It can be of their very own “special” Angel if they have one or of course they can R/T, Pin or share .. any or all of #Angels365 ones.
By hash taging # the words Angels365 as in #Angels365 I hope that they will be placed together and then I will myself take the honour of reposting them on the 29th Dec… of course this will not stop others from doing so as well <3

I can so see this … I can so feel this … and believe that little things can make a difference … so PLEASE … now you have the whole picture, please jump on board …
On 1st December 2016, place the intention of “Good Will” in your heart and post away #Angels365 pictures…

I may never know who actually does this … but know, that it is this loving connection that binds us all, you don’t have to “believe” in Angels as such … but you have to ask the Universe, and be open to believe that all that is good within it will hear our heart felt entreat …”

Today’s latest update …12/10/2016