Update Angels 365 18/7/2016

Angels 365 … update

Today things have moved on with my understanding of the Angels 365. Way back in January when I posted (My daughter my Joy ) my post must have sounded it bit… well      ” all over the place” this was probably because it was !

However, I seemed destined to follow the advice on my Reiki Pillows calender … ” the secret of getting ahead is getting started”…

So today … 18th July 2016 it all came through, do I say “funnily enough”?  or do I say that synchronicity could be at work? I will say that so many things have left a pattern, that with hindsight I see clearly that I am on the “right track”.

Today’s Angels posting on Face book was “Angels 365 … If you hear the words, or see signs of the Angels … Listen!

On Pinterest (Reiki Pillows, Angels365 board ) it was the 200th picture post, and in Doreen Virtue & Lynette Browns little book of Angel numbers and their “meanings”, it writes for 200 … faith has led you to a powerful and Divine connection … Faith is well founded, and you’re working in partnership with the Creator.

On Face book it has been a random connections with other like minded people that sparked the process of this next step to come through … and then I read a post that screams at me “tonights Full Capricorn Moon, is said to be bringing the ability to manifest, maybe the message is not just on a personal level … but making its mark on a Global consciousness?

… cocreation at it’s best!

Thinking of you … Mary <3