Sarah Gregg

“I have had the pleasure of using Reiki pillows during all of my classes and treatments over the past few years.  My clients and students love to use them and enjoy the comfort they bring.  I chose the pillows with the Reiki Kanjii on the front and these complement my Reiki practise and classes perfectly.  I tend to use them just for others but once had a very profound experience when I decided to use one myself before going to sleep.  During the night I had a lucid dream where a group of healers were healing me using Reiki and crystals and when I woke in the morning I was convinced it had been because I had been sleeping on one of the Reiki pillows which had made for a complete healing experience during the evening.  The Reiki pillows accompany me on all my courses, retreats and during my clinical practise.  I’ve found people are very drawn to them and like to use them whilst receiving Reiki. ”

Love, Sarah x

Sarah Gregg

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