The concept

A Reiki Pillow as in the Reiki Pillows™  “concept” is an umbrella, under which both sides of duality meet, the Reiki Pillow INSERT and the Reiki Pillow COVER.

from with the balance of duality.

It can be viewed as the Heart and the Body.
The in and the out.
The back and the front.

The concept is the same as in the choice. You choose to have an energy session for a hour, or you choose to have a Reiki Pillows™ connection in your home 24 – 7.

You choose to invest in a Reiki/energy treatment or you choose to spend a similar amount on a Reiki Pillow INSERT.

My intention is to make this choice available and a worthwhile option, so I thank you very much for at least allowing me this much of your time ♥♥♥

Reiki Pillows are as much about me as I am about them, and in this vein of thought.  If you really knew me you would know these things about me, about us.

I Am what I AM … and so are my Reiki Pillows.
What you see is what you get.
We seek the win/win … always.
We work in a 2 way street.
We believe in reliability not dependency.
We believe in Self awareness not self control.
When we commit, we commit.

Thinking of you … Mary, Reiki Pillows ™