Science wise

As I talk about the Universe and its vibration being one of love, this can also showcase many other ways that this can be  recognised through science.

One such way is entrainment :Entrainment is when you connect with?
the practice of entraining one’s brainwaves to a desired frequency … of LOVE, of JOY?   Singer-songwriter Van Morrison
 described the meaning of the word “entrainment” in terms of his music
kind of when you’re in the present moment – you’re here – with no past or future” at PEACE?

Another is  the “placebo effect”… “I shall please”, well that is certainly my intention! Other studies … showed that placebo can have real, measurable effects on physiological changes in the brain.
When people say to me that Reiki Pillows are just a “placebo”, I say thank you.

I have no medical training … so would want it no other way!

The possibility exists that your energy field gradually moves it’s daily point of reference … and slowly moves towards a point of balance … to being able to cope better.

Keeping it simple !

I know of many people who are guided to place/ send loving thoughts in many different kinds of formats. Like prayers, loving thoughts can and are placed in anything from scarves and socks to crystals and pottery!

On this train of thought, there is also a link with “imprinting”...

I am not wanting to convince you of my beliefs, so please look into this yourself.

Thinking of you … Mary, Reiki Pillows ™