This world is based on around duality.

People see me as Mary, as the Reiki “Pillow lady”.
They may see me on the internet, or at an event.
People may respect me for who I am, but not what I “DO”.
For what I “DO”, but not who I am.

People may see me as a warrior, or as a modernday Anchoress.
They may see me as a sloth, or a  Duracell bunny.


People may hear my words, but not my message.
Hear my message, but not my truth.
People may sense the knowing, not knowing what that is.
Seeing who they think I am, again not knowing.
My Reiki Pillows are like me, we are at one.
Do you see the heart, the soul, the essence?
or the body, the shape, the form, the cover?
Do I take cover, or break cover, or remain under cover?
See me, judge me not.
I AM what I AM
nothing more, nothing less.
My heart and soul beats in time with the Universe,
the vibration of love.

I do this daily, so you don’t have to.
Until the time you can … and do.
Mary,   Reiki Pillows™  Channelled December 2014


A reiki pillow, what is that?
I hear you good people say
Well – It’s a cushion of love, a great big hug!
At the end of a stressful day!
Give one as a gift, or keep it just for you
It’s intention remains the same
The energy is universal, healing and true
Doesn’t matter where you live, doesn’t even need to know your name
It’s founder, a special lady named Mary
Has worked hard through body and mind
To share her gift of healing and strength
For the greatness of our mankind.
Anne-Marie Reid

Many thanks for this very kind thought Anne-Marie


To have and to hold
binding head and heart together … as one.
lay down your head,
open your eyes; rest
find peace … as one.
Take comfort and trust.
All potential lies within you … as one.
Mrs C Plant.

Many thanks to Mrs C Plant, for this wonderful offering


I see you in every sparkle, that comes my way each day,
from rainbows through to sunshine, you melt my fears away.
I know you are always with me, for in my heart I hold,
the LOVE you give so willingly, a LOVE that won’t grow old.
So when I see a sparkle, a glimmer, glint or shine.
I know your always with me, with a LOVE that’s always mine …


Take care of life … and what it brings,
Take time … to see the little things,
Take heart … and know you do your best,
The Universe will do the rest …