The path way to co-creation begins here, following are some words from some of the many who have decided they too want to help spread the word of Reiki Pillows™

Starting with My Reiki Master and good friend …

“Mary is an amazing beautiful woman who creates amazing beautiful pillows. The Reiki she imparts is the most beautiful pure vibration imaginable. Mary is completely dedicated to the unique healing work she is led to do. Mary and her wonderful pillows are truly a gift to the world xxx”

                           Jill Thomson ( Spellbound)


“Both Mary and her Reiki Pillows are unique. They are an inspirational creation … from an inspirational woman… (read more)” 

Richard Abbot



“I have had the pleasure of using Reiki pillows during all of my classes and treatments over the past few years. My clients and students…  (read more)

Love, Sarah x
“Reiki Drum – A Bridge between the worlds”


“I would like to say a few words about Mary and her beautiful Reiki Pillows… (read more)” 

Lolove Rosemary xxx ” ( Stephenson )