My first Pillow Ponder …

So … I am wanting to Blog? … or do I?
Yes ! but like most things … I will do “it” my way.

My Blog is going to be a Pillow Ponder instead, ever changing … with the intent that you will ponder the words and see if you find your own personal truth is within.

I certainly want to connect with you its true, for that’s my real

Actually facilitating the connection and refreshing the link to Reiki /Universal energies I believe is my vocation, my Divine purpose in life.

I have the task of wanting you to know what Reiki Pillows “are” and what they can “do” for you or someone you love.

Now … how I go about this is going to be an experience for me certainly, and for you … if you want to walk a 2 way street with me?… we will take this path together.

I am starting my first blog with the mindset of ABC’s through to the XYZ’s.
Brave of me I bet you all are thinking, well no more than any first step, that’s scary and thrilling at the same time.

I asked for my inner guidance, my intuition to help me through … and this is the result!

I am guided to my (old/new) Collins concise dictionary. Here I go straight to the P‘s.
I have been talking “Pillow Ponders” for a while now, and I am feeling this is its home … my blog!
P is the 16th letter of the english alphabet, and we are reminded to mind our P‘s and Q’s … a sound start I believe.What could be better than the Promise of Pleasant Protocol.

16 in the Angel numbers book by Doreen Virtue and Lynnette Brown, tells us that “our thoughts create our reality, so only hold Positive thoughts and expectations about material issues, and then all our needs are met” all good stuff so far then!

P, as in 1p is a symbol for money the Penny orPence ( watch the Pennies and the Pounds will take care of themselves … springs to mind! … OH, and not to forget that money is actually an energy exchange in its self!) … it goes on to mention music ( Play quietly ) and Physics ( the branch of science concerned with the Properties of matter and energy and goes on …) momentum( driving Power or strength) Proton ( a stable, Positively charged elementary Particle) and last but not least … Pressure!….Ha! one I recognise at last.

Obviously the P‘s go on … but what a start!

To me this all adds up to we are in the right Place, it demonstrates that a Reiki Pillow is as its P Projects … a Perfect Place, a Practical Pathway a Parcel Packed with the Potential of Universal energies … and that’s Priceless … with a capital P for sure.

So to finish on a rather dated Perspective … P P P P P Pick up a Pillow (or penguin) Ha ha ha …

Thinking of you … Mary Reiki Pillows™