Is Love Black or white?

Is Love Black or White?

Is Love Black or White?

This is the second year running that Reiki Pillows has shared Valentine’s Day for their joint connection with the reference towards LOVE. Valentine’s day focuses more on romantic love, while Reiki Pillows is more on Universal, vibrational love. The world will be a far greater place when both are seen for what they truely are.

So, LOVE … is it always Black or White, or can it sometimes be viewed as the fifty shades of grey in-between?

I believe one way to “resonate” with love is to actually see it … So you think I am crazy ?… Well it’s been said many times before, but if you have time … please think about these words and allow your own thoughts to emerge.

Simply put, I believe Love can be viewed like a rainbow 😉

Love is all around us, and within us … Love is the vibration of the Universe. Nature shows us this in its reflections … the rainbow is one of these occurrences.

To experience love we could experiment with colour. The Rainbow gives a perfect glimpse of the mystical world of colour, that of the Universe.

This can be seen to be true when love is simply viewed as the vibrations of the Universe. We can physically see this” interpretation” of love, in the myriad of colours that shimmer and shine through a wet and dismal day, when we “see” the seven colours of the rainbow.

Do – we see the subtle changes of red into orange, of orange into yellow, the yellow and blue merging into green, the higher colours rising into purple and  indigo ?

 The miriad of colours that shimmer and shine through a wet and dismal day ...

The myriad of colours that shimmer and shine through a wet and dismal day …


And there is also said to be Infra Red and Ultra Violate either side of it?

Do we need to see all to believe all?

We sometimes only see the black or white of love?… when in reality there are the myriad of colours in-between.

Chakras, the colours of the Rainbow, are said to make up our human “vibrational “bodies.

  •  The first Chakra is to be found at the base of our spine, and is Red.Here we deal with issues we “see” as threatening to our survival, such as ” lack of” food, money and independence.
  • Rising up,  integration gives way to the Sacral Chakra, this is Orange and found around the Lower abdomen area. Here we “see” personal acceptance and that of others. It allows feelings of wellbeing, abundance, sexuality, and the courage for all the new experiences this entails.
  • Moving upward we merge into the Solar Plexus Chakra,which is Yellow. Here in the abdomen we find our self worth, confidence and self- esteem. The things we need for the confidence to be in the flow of our lives.
  • Green is the colour associated with our Heart Chakra, found in our chest area.  Here we “see” Love for what it is, the ability to love, to accept love, to find love … strengthening our ability to find peace and  joy… and “be” love.
  • The throat Chakra, is Blue. This is the place where we seek communication, with sound yes, but also through reading peoples energy fields, in search of deeper communication, self- expression and the need for the “truth”.
  • Progress is now at the Brow Chakra, Indigo.  The 3rd eye, as it is sometimes referred to. It is from here with the help of our intuition, imagination and the ability to think and make decisions, with a wisdom based  “inner knowledge” we can sometimes see the  bigger picture.
  • Violet is the colour of the Chakra at the top of the head and is our connection to all that is. From here we can find the ability to connect to the inner and outer beauty in all things. The Universe, the infinite, the infinitesimal … the ability to wonder, and ask why?
Shown within the colour spectrum ... seen or not seen ...

Shown within the colour spectrum … seen or not seen …

Black and White, left or right, forwards or backwards, we can only look one way or the other at one moment in time. So by focusing on what you want, and where you would like to be … you have  more  choice and more influence within your life.

Black … It is said, holds “onto” and reflects the “might have been” colours … your dreams and aspirations can sometimes be stored here.  Dark and negative feelings, yours or others, can empty and deflate your emotional energy reserves.

White … absorbs 100% light and emits 100% light at the same rate. It draws in and multiplies, amplifies, verifies. White, then can be said to be the potential of all things.  By opening yourself  up to and receiving positive energy, “Love and Light”, you then have the capacity to shine more of the same outward, in ever expanding circles … so changing you, your world and “The World “.

The alchemists dream, they all converge into gold ...

The alchemists dream, they all converge into gold …

So, at the end of the day … by living a full life, we combine  all the colours of the rainbow, the chakras, our emotions, black though to white.

We can eat the rainbow … tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, blueberries and mushrooms …

why mushrooms? because they are the F U N G U Y s 

We can breathe into a rainbow … by breathing with intent into each and every chakra, each and every colour, we can refresh our energy system. This is called meditation.

We can sing a rainbow too ! When the song Do ray me far so la t do, from the sound of Music is sung, it could be seen as representing the 7 chakras. As the song is sung the notes indicate the rise from the base  to the crown chakra on a vibrational level … red  through to voilet.

We can also “see and feel” the rainbow when it appears in the sky, when out in nature. Our personal connection to nature, and our own bodies are strengthend here … do we take care of it or not?. The way we listen to it or not. Our bodies connect to us via our intuition, our gut feelings, our inner guidance.

Then and only then do the colours become the alchemists dream, they all converge into gold … the pot at the end of the rainbow?

So is love black or white?

The Story of the Rainbow.

     Thinking of you … Mary <3