Angels 365 … picture postings

As 2015 slowly came to a close, I was being guided that I was to place Angel pictures on social media … why or exactly where I knew not.

On January 1st 2016, I must admit to wondering if I was actually on the “right” track with the Angel picture postings … apparently YES! definitely … I have loads of angels all around my home … on my clothes and in my Reiki Pillows designs. I was “reminded” of  this when I was “doing” my Daily Reiki Pillows energy work, cleansing and self meditation this morning.  So 365 … or I maybe only needing 364 this year? (will check  anyway) as I guess in a leap year a day is “jumped” over?

However, I was doubtful beyond measure. That’s a lot of Angels!

Anyway I was promised that I would have enough for the first month no problem. And indeed … true to their word I did achieve 31 Angel pictures.

The Angels along with their Universal energies of love, just want to be spread within their own light … and as such are not placed as “promoting”” Reiki Pillows … I know this line may get blurred a bit … not from my intention, which I am holding close to my heart, (So you will have to trust me … just as much as I have to trust that Angels can and do make a difference in people’s daily lives.)  I was guided to use social media, so of course it does all come back to Reiki Pillows so to speak.

Like I said I was not 100% on committing to another 365, 24, 7 task … Did I have enough techie skills? Did I have enough angels? Did I have enough stamina? I knew it was going to be a big decision to make.

As if to answer my fears, the very next day Angels seem to be popping up all over the place, Angels that have come to me from many different sources over the years.

My first Face book posting made the comment that I would be using these “my personal” Angels. However a visit to the dentist showed me this was not going to be the case 😉 (Another story! … to be sure , I think the next year will be littered with many crazy stories.)

So back to social media …  After I had “agreed” that I would “do” this, the Angels started to up the anti! Not only did they want the pictures placed on F/B …  but Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, all ending up on my Reiki Pillows web site!!! ? To bring their point home that they are of course working with me, they gave me a few words, which really made me laugh…

  • Twitter = #AngelEnergy365 (daily chosen wording + Picture)   B a sweet … please R/T <3

  • Pinterest = Angel Energy 365 … (daily chosen words + Picture)  In it ? …  pin it <3

  • Face book =Angel Energy 365 …(daily chosen words + Picture) If you care, then Please Share <3

  • My web site is as always, Thinking of you … Mary <3 Seen under Angels 365

  • Instagram, to date I have given this a miss … but never say never!

This to me, said that co-creation was again going to needed for this to “work”.

I LOVE team work … co-creation … the win/win … all phrases for me that show individuals working together in a 2-way Street.

So will this happen? Well, for my part I do not need to know. I am responsible only for my own actions, in doing what I say I will, with the intention that the whole world benefits, with the intention of the potential … wow!!!

I can so imagine Angel LOVE zipping around this physical world digitally … NO PROBLEM!!!

The picture added below is meant only to show the point in question … the Angel on my new calendar has been for the last 12 months living in this same spot, hanging from a hook but with a message board on it. I had moved things around a few days before, this was done subconsciously, I only realised that another Angel was present when my Hubby mentioned it!!!

The secreat of getting ahead is getting started - Mark Twain

The secreat of getting ahead is getting started – Mark Twain

Please though … I ask of anyone who sees me in a light that strays from my intention to keep things apart … LET ME KNOW!!!