Angels 365 … My Daughter My Joy…

My Daughter My Joy …

This story starts a while after Christmas, 2015 … well actually it started by my loosing a tooth filling at the start of January. I was lucky, it caused not much  pain. I straight away left a message on the dentists phone to say I requested an appointment ASAP. When they started back to work the dentist came back straight away.

Meanwhile … I had decided to take on the challenge of posting Angels 365, still feeling the weight of it … I must admit. 366 Angels are a LOT of Angels <3 Story here if you are interested

(Another thing to mention here is that my husband had had a couple of fillings earlier in the year, so I had a rough knowing of how much it would be costing me.)

In deep apprehension I left for my appointment, not leaving myself time to get worked up over the impending session.

Anyway… on the way down, like I said I was prety well late already … I was intuitively ” called ” over to the other side of the road, to a charity shop. In the window was an Angel … and on it was writen ” … My Daughter My Joy … well … as you can imagine I popped my head around the door and saw not just the one, but six of them! (you will see them over on Face book, Angels365 and Reiki Pillows / Twitter #AngelEnergy365 and Pinterest Angels365 / Instagram still pending ;-))

… the price sort and agreed, I said I would be back … after my appointment to pay and pick them up.

Here we get to the dreaded dentists chair,  ( I know many of you my age also have great fears about “dentist” from the school days “Dentistry care”!!! )

Well , my dentist is a wonderful guy and so are his team. He talked over the options and treatments … and then he added another on that was just the ticket!!! 10 minutes later and I was skipping out of there … tooth still there 😉

I walked back past the cash machine, picking up the money needed for the Angels. They were ready and safely packed in a box ready for me. The lady who had done this said they were her Mums Angels, and the love and connection that filled that space was unimaginable, a win/win/win/win …

So I floated back home.

When my hubby asked about how I got on …  the days events went roughly like this …

  1. I have been to the dentist and felt NO pain 😉
  2. My teatment took no time at all 😉
  3. I still have my tooth 😉
  4. The cost was much less expercive than his recent dental treatments, due to this fact 😉
  5. I had with the same money been given 7 Angels to help with my Angels 365 ;-
  6. Not only did I have an Angel … My Daughter My Joy, but one had already been ear marked to be given to my daughter … my Joy, and her new born daughter … her joy! Also … with great Joy I gave one to her Husband, who loved it … A Son’s Love is a Gift from above.
  7.  + I dont know how many days of help with my years commitment … Angels 365!

So … when you add it all up how exciting a day was that! Talk about ups and downs … good and bad! I was aware that “things” far greater than I were being played out … but do I know how far they will reach ? … actually No.

I only know that I was abundantly happy when I kept my tooth with no pain!

I was happy that I took the time to “listen” to my intuition when I did … and no, I was not late 😉

I was happy with the exchange of money, and the energy exchange between the young lady, and I do believe her Mum was also incliuded in here 😉

I had enough Angels to help me understand that through “Cocreation” I would have enough Angels for 365 … and added was a message for another plan they have ideas for?    ( guess thats another story?)

I had the greatest gift of all in giving my daughter the second … my daughter my joy, Angel … so she too could understand and honour the love for her daughter too … this is why I secreatly know that the ladys Mum was also “in on this ” 😉 And also.. her husband loved it so much that I also gave him one … A Son’s Love is a Gift from above … , bringing to mind “you never loose a daughter … you just aquire a son” 😉

Ang if this was not enough … there is still more …

When taking the pictures, there was one particular picture I took, that just captured the love and connection that was present within the shop that day … and also the knowing that she was to be the Internet “Healing Angel” that I was to use from then on … I had stuggled to find something to “give” in this way … Bingo!

I still feel the love and excitement of this day .. and hope that … even if you think I am crazy .. you too will be able to connect with a “mothers” Joy … your mothers joy .. today and everyday <3


Thinking of you … Mary <3