My mission statement

It is my dream … to make available to all, through this concept of Reiki Pillows ™
a connection to Universal energies, a connection to unconditional LOVE.

 The Reiki Pillows™ concept is based on love, a win/win and a 2 way street.

Love being the vibration of Universal energy and a natural and positive energy …
required by all.

A win/win is attained by the unique gift that can and is used daily by many who have already experienced their abundance. Reiki Pillows Testimonials  and a 2 way street by co-creating with others who, like me, also have a passion for doing what they, as individuals, LOVE!

Add to this the fact that a Reiki Pillow is also bought with Love, given with Love and received with LOVE … what more can I  say?

Thinking of you … Mary Reiki Pillows ™

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My mission statement

 Through Reiki Pillows™ all, no matter their standing in society, can be reached with the concept of a Loving , unique gift.

I believe in what I do, and I believe in what can be achieved, with the gift of LOVE!

Reiki Pillows™ … the perfect gift of love … for life.

This process is to be taken forward by and within
Co-creation,with Reiki Pillows.

To date the Co-creators are

Susan Davis, Vitality Holistic Massage and Beauty Training  Rothwell, Northamptonshire.

Karen Burt Northampton, Northamptonshire.