What’s a Reiki Pillow?


I am often heard saying that the answer to this question, is as simpe as it is complex.
I also frequently say that in my Reiki Pillows world, it’s like Christmas everyday.

I am drawn to Christmas, its true …

At Christmas time everyone seems to “feel” the “LOVE” vibration, it is more “tangible” more “real” somehow. The lights seem to shine more brightly … maybe reflecting the glow in each of our hearts? the open heartedness … the love of others … our point of view?

From the position and view point of LOVE … it’s easier for all to envisage and engauge with the Reiki Pillows concept.

This is the world I live in … I LOVE my job!

I get to give and recieve and do it all within the love vibration. Like Christmas, my focus is on the light, the goodness that flows through 2 way streets, the win/win, my aim is to see the best in all.

Christmas for some is a tradition, for others it just comes and goes wraped within the presents.
I have personally, and like most I guess? have grown with the awareness of the nativity … the new family … the Mother, the Father and the new born child … the animals.

All these blessings are around us everyday in “our world” but do we see the magic, do we ?

Remembering … we then have the 3 wise men and the shepards … the first to offer their gifts to the new born child …

This is where the penny droped for me … probably for many before me … but I am sometimes a slow learner.

I am not a King nor a shepard, but all found the perfect gift, the fankinscence, gold and myrrh … and the shepard boy, he gave all he had to give … a lamb.

I guess you are wondering where this is all going?

My gift to the Child … would be a Reiki Pillow.
My gift to the world … are my Reiki Pillows!

I join the throng of all the singers, the chefs, the painters, the gardeners, the artists of the writen word, those that have a love and a passion in what they “do”… in co-creation and in service offer their gifts of LOVE with the world.

In turn my Reiki Pillows, along with all the paintings and works of “Heart” are a veheical to transport love out to others … to you?

Do you like me, find it difficult not to give your senses up to the smell of freshly cooked bread … the sounds of a “heavenly” choir or the sensations of the sea, sun,wind, or the vista of Mother Earths ever changing bounty?

Love helps encourage growth, it nurtures …

Shower love on anyone or anything and they cant help but shine … just as at Christmas, the lights shine brighter, stronger, deeper.

A Reiki Pillow holds the vibration of LOVE, the vibration of nature and of the cosmos.

It does this through intention, this love is a reconnection to the Divine your own natural spark of creation, and as such your gifts are recognised and nurished … they florish and grow.

So what is a Reiki Pillow going to “BE” to you? … only time will tell.

For you are the only “you” and that said you, will only be able to say, to experiance, to know.

A gardener uses many tools to tend his garden.
If he invests in a spade, it will only be when it is harnessed with his intent and his persistance that the soil will be turned, the potatoes dug and the flowers planted.

We are all interdependant on others gifts, at Christmas and all through the yea …

We give of ourselves, but do we value our own unique gifts ? … do we apreciate others?

So whats a Reiki Pillow? … its the gift of Love, the gift of life, its a gift that passes from me to you … and from you out into your world … our world … the world!

A Reiki Pillow is the peace that passes on all understanding.

Thinking of you … Mary, Reiki Pillows