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If you have any questions about sales, please contact me here:

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Susan Davis

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Reiki Pillows INSERTS are available in Fibre and Feather.

At a cost of £30

… the covers are seperate.

Potential comes from within…

A snails pace ... ? more like the hare and the tortoise ...

A snails pace … ? more like the hare and the tortoise …

To you this interest in ordering a Reiki Pillow Insert may seem like a snail trail, which to the fast pace of todays living it may well be. To me it is a labour of love, 24-7. I do all the energy work myself, under the guidance of the Universe. When I say “We” I generaly mean the concept. This means that it takes time. Each step is done with Love and commitment, and then refreshed daily.

The Reiki Pillows journey starts here…  with choise and patience.

I work with and under the guidance of the Universe, always have, always will.

They are a Unique, bespoke, personal gift of love, and this can not be rushed or manufactured. The snail trail is a path to a different way of being.

I only send Fibre Reiki Pillows™ Insert abroad, this is due to mailing restrictions.
Please also be aware of any allergies that may exist in anyone who receives one.
Also, it is recommended to give a child a Fibre Reiki Pillows™  Insert.                                 I also have in the past, made available Reiki Pillows covers.

The form this now takes is under review, however I do still have some available, and if interested please feel free to contact me about them. I have come to realise over the years that many people love to make their own covers, and many more find their perfect choice at a local store … win/win.

So … why buy a Reiki Pillows ™ ?, well I can only say that it is not my job to convince you of anything. I thank you for taking as much interest as you have already.

There is NEVER any pressure with a Reiki Pillows ™  sale ( if there is I NEED to know about it!!! ) they are made available to you , when and if you feel it is the “right time” for  you personally. I know of people who have waited years for a Reiki Pillow to become a priority for them, then ending up buying multiples!

After all it took me  40+ years to find my way to Reiki and Universal eneries!

Thinking of you … Mary, Reiki Pillows™