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Angels 365 … Truth is just an Idea – If not lived … Thinking of you … Mary <3

Ok… so carring on with the Excited theam of the update of Angels 365  … todays posting says a massive Cocreation thumbs up … to me anyway. The way I see it is that as crazy as it seemed to me in January a light was lit, feeble and frail though it was … it was lit.

And since then those that have cocreated with Angels 365 essance have slowly combined to fan this flame …

I know this ” kind of thing” has all been said before, and most surley far more effective than I … but none the less this happened … this is happening … and whatever happens along the way to 31st of December … change is going along with it … and for the better. It is a positive energy, a loving energy, an energy that says enough is enough.

We want help to change, ourselves, our families, our enviroment and our world.

The Angels are a way of accessing another level of help, they are the vibration of love and that love goes to the very heart of us all, it simply fans the flame of acceptance and grace.

Angels 365 ... Angels fan the flame of transformation ... Thinking of you ... Mary <3

Angels 365 … Angels fan the flame of transformation …
Thinking of you … Mary <3

It is not the Angels per se that we are evoking, but the heart felt wish of something better for all, which comes from the place where all true LOVE emanates from.

Now I don’t know what better would look like myself … so I am very happy to “Ask the Angels” for help with the workings out of a “better way”, they have I know, a far higher perspective on the bigger picture …  but I also know it starts with me … and you.  As individuals we must listen … yes , but also as cocreators to apply in deed the “better way ” in helping “good vibrations” in 😉 <3

Thinking of you … Mary <3